Shahid Riaz Bhatti

Solution Architect


I am a Solution Architect with a passion for designing and implementing complex technical solutions that meet the needs of businesses and organizations. With 15+ years of experience in the industry, I have honed my skills in software development, architecture design, and project management, working with a variety of clients across different sectors. I have a deep understanding of various technologies and frameworks, and I am always eager to learn about the latest advancements and trends in the field.

As a Solution Architect, I enjoy collaborating with stakeholders to understand their needs and develop solutions that align with their business goals. I have experience leading cross-functional teams and coordinating with developers, testers, and other stakeholders to ensure the successful delivery of projects.

In addition to my technical expertise, I possess strong communication and leadership skills, which allow me to effectively manage stakeholders, facilitate discussions, and explain technical concepts to non-technical audiences. I am committed to delivering high-quality solutions that meet or exceed expectations, and I am always looking for ways to improve processes and optimize systems.

Overall, I am a results-driven and customer-focused Solution Architect who is dedicated to designing and implementing innovative solutions that help businesses thrive.

Server Side Development

C# 95%
VB.Net 80%
ASP.NET (Web API, MVC) 90%
ASP.NET Core (Web API) 90%
ADO.Net (Entity Framework, Code First, Model First, LINQ) 92%
Python 80%
Python (Fast API, Flask) 75%
Node.JS (Express) 80%


  1. Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3
  2. Microsoft Certified Professional
  3. Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and the Microsoft .NET Framework 
  4. Microsoft Certified Application Developer: Microsoft .NET

Client Side Development

JQuery 85%
TypeScript 75%
Angular 85%

AWS (Cloud Services)

EC2 100%
IAM & Security Group 90%
ELB and ASG 90%
Simple Cloud Storage (S3) 90%
SQS , SNS 90%
Lambda 90%
API Gateway 70%
Cloud Watch / Cloud Trail 80%
CI / CD 80%